Saint Melangell’s hares

Melangell 7

In the seventh century, Brochwel, Prince of Powys, was hunting hares with his pack of hounds; a hare took refuge beneath the cloak of Melangell, a young woman of such sanctity that the hounds would not go near her. Brochwel could not encourage the hounds, and the hare was saved. Brochwel gave Melangell the valley as a place of sanctuary, and her church and shrine can be found there near Llangynog. Hares were known locally as ‘Melangell’s lambs’, and the church is full with them…

Melangell 1

Melangell 3

Melangell 4

Melangell 6

Melangell 2

Under an English Heaven – paintings by James Lynch

I’ve always been interested in the skies and weather, ever since I was a child. Now I often find myself soaring with the swallows and birds, which fly alongside me, chasing the insects swept up in the thermals.

James Lynch – a paragliding artist

James Lynch is one of my favourite artists – his paintings are in the tradition of people like Eric Ravilious and further back to Samuel Palmer, but also have that slightly mystical, surreal quality that characterises art and illustration from the seventies I’ve already included here. I think they stand alongside any of the great timeless landscape painters – the two here don’t really do justice.

More information about his work is available at his website here. There is also a beautiful hardback book available from there featuring 26 of his paintings.