Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to hide

Fallow deer who live in the green spaces of London, with the hoots and cries of sirens on the wind, while eagle owls brood in the park’s caged spaces, like deposed medieval kings in the Tower of London.

Nowhere to hide 2

And the Disney version…

Deer Park E

Kirkcarrion, early morning

Kirkcarrion early morning

By the River Tees in County Durham is a bronze age burial mound – Kirkcarrion. The trees, planted in the 1930s, create quite a landmark. A rather ominous bull was guarding the scene, making it vital to blank all thoughts of Alan Garner’s Thursbitch if I was going to keep my porridge settled…

Kirckarrion, early morning 3a

Kirkcarrion, early morning 4

Kirkcarrion, early morning 2

To the lighthouse

About six months late, but this is a beautiful little film that went with Bat for Lashes’ album last autumn. I’ve been listening since Fur and Gold but overlooked this – probably too much going on and was thinking it would be a little bit too introspective at the time… it’s not, because having bought it at last it’s great stuff, with lots of light and air. This is probably a bit long for a blog post at 15 minutes, but even just the landscapes and lighthouse are worth it I think.

Everything shining bright


April 2013. A memorial on Dartmoor to a Royal Air Force bomber which crashed here in 1941.


There are a few of these posts scattered over the same area: I’m told they were put here during the war to prevent enemy planes from landing.


Jay’s Grave: an eighteenth century suicide, a girl ruined by a local squire. Fresh flowers appear here every few days, something of a local legend. Whoever places them there is brushing up their act with picturesque daffodils in a glass jar. I always remember it usually being an old margarine tub with a few wilted polyanthus chucked in. Not the most uplifting captions are they? But the sun’s shining like I promised. At least I didn’t get in the bit about the friendly community burying the poor girl at a crossroads so that her doomed soul wouldn’t be able to find its way home.


Countryside Commission voiceovers can audition here…


Whose prints?

Spring again

My prints.


The lightning tree.




Blah blah golden host blah wandering etc., etc.