We Used to Have Parties etc


Something beautifully, achingly melancholic for anyone feeling not particularly attractively melancholic in these times. Trite play with song titles obviously completely crap, but that’s not the reason. It’s just a lovely, lovely song from The Dreaming Spires, whose brothers Robin and Joe Bennett also play live with Saint Etienne and Sarah Cracknell from time to time, and who Andrew Marr put on his show last year when they released Searching for the Supertruth (which features the splendid Dusty in Memphis among others).


Otters bearing the woes of the world – Ring of Bright Water


This is a Czech version of the poster for the 1969 film of Gavin Maxwell’s book Ring of Bright Water. It’s incredibly melancholy, and beautiful in its depiction of how humans and the wild fit together – with the scarlet, hand-drawn leash on quite possibly the most emotive image of an otter ever. I read his expression as ‘I killed a few salmon, but you invented the atom bomb’. Are all Czech film posters like this? I hope so. I believe the artist is Hrdina Miroslav, but I can’t find any more information.

Just to illustrate a point, here’s the British version of the poster for the same film. God help us.