Port in a storm: essay from George Monbiot


In the middle of the depressing medieval bear-pit that’s the winter festival of Consumermas, there’s a beautifully-written and beautifully-presented essay by George Monbiot, over at the BBC, here: http://www.bbc.com/earth/bespoke/story/20141203-back-to-nature/index.html

Douglas Coupland had a memorable sequence in Generation X where the lead character tries to capture a moment of meaning at Christmastime. He buys lots (and I mean lots) of candles and fills the room. Described like that, it’s just a horrible Hollywood gesture – but that’s why we need great writers, for however worn, jaded and tired the message, they bring fresh life.

I wasn’t always at ease with Mr Monbiot’s Feral, but I’d say everyone should read his BBC essay. It’s not ‘just’ the environment, it’s about being flesh and blood. Given the human race as it is, you might as well settle down in your armchair and read Hamlet to a goldfish, ad infinitum.

Forget Christmas, look bravely into the darkness, and search for the light.






4 thoughts on “Port in a storm: essay from George Monbiot

  1. Valkrye

    Lovely to see you back here and my sentiments about so called “Christmas” pretty much the same as yours. I have created my own ‘homemade ” Christmases and celebrations for years and try to steer clear as much as possible from the world outside and it’s consumer driven madness. Much happier for it ~ I am sure the ones who buy into this garish, crazy , soulless , endless purchasing of rubbish they neither need or end up wanting, would find just how much more soul enriching (whatever your personal beliefs are in terms of religion or spirituality) it would be to stop funding the ugly machine which contains nothing.

  2. Valkrye

    haha~ indeed. But still think it a valid and much needed issue for people to be mindful of. Do hope you will find your holidays full of the really good things; good company,good conversation, long walks, a warm fire and time to muse , ponder and daydream and love.

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