Chocolates and liqueur


1767 Chocolates

The boxes that get left in the attic over the years, used to store Christmas decorations and so guaranteed a job for life, seeing the light of day once a year. These ones date from the 1950s and 1960s. The book is the Jonathon Cape Florin edition of E F Benson’s Spook Stories.

Drambuie 3

They are beautiful things, free from the faux-sophistication of today’s packaging. Sadly Drambuie has suffered a shiny metallic update in the 21st century, not quite as bad as what Harvey’s did to their Bristol Cream however. I mean, I don’t drink sherry, but I liked to know it was there, in the same way as HM the Queen is there if you want to look.

Drambuie 2

The chocolates are named after the year the company was founded. Terry’s of York no longer really exists. Read about them here, and how the Grade II listed chocolate factory is as of the moment becoming “mixed-use residential, commercial and leisure”.

But the building remains. And England, just about, still makes chocolate in Birmingham. And Dorchester, and Skipton.

Terry's 1767


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