A Book of the Winter


Book of Winter

Edith Sitwell’s diamond-bright collection of winter writing, including this by Osbert Sitwell…

The Sitwells, Osbert Sitwell, Winter Huntsman 4


2 thoughts on “A Book of the Winter

  1. I love Edith Sitwell and thought I knew most of her work but this lovely Winter themed book of verse is unknown to me. Is it difficult to find ? I know many of her things are out of print. Thank you for sharing this.

    • I picked it up years ago – it’s one of her magpie collections, excerpts and selections from many poets and writers, with sections ranging from ‘On Christmas Day’, ‘By the Fire’, ‘In the City’ and even ‘Death in Winter’. Everything has her frost-fire, rather gothic signature even though it’s the work of everyone from Blake to Rimbaud, with a few selections in Middle English or French too. There are still old copies on AbeBooks.com. The above poem isn’t that great, but I like the two latter verses – and she probably had to include a brother or two!

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