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4 thoughts on “Hollywood

    • She appreciates this comment very much, having returned from the vet’s after an operation on her leg (which amounted to canine liposuction after fears it could be worse). Full head cone for second time this year and feels quite sorry for herself. Have just emerged back into blogdom. I do hope your Christmas cakes are made and there’ll be time to relax… time seems to race just now.

      • Oh, bless her! Hope she’s feeling much better now, and hasn’t had to spend too long bumping into furniture, and generally being thrown off course by the head cone (“lamp shades” we used to call them, whenever our dog had to wear one!) So glad to hear it was nothing worse. It must have been an anxious time for you leading up to the op. Please give her a consoling pat from me.

        I’m just emerging back into blogdom too (loads of catching up to do!) Life is hectic as usual, and Christmas has moved everything up a gear. Not much time to relax, but I’m rebelling against the Christmas madness by carving out quiet moments whenever they can be grasped. That’s what it should all be about – winter-magic time and festivities of sharing. The cake is made (and awaiting another feed of sherry!) – daughter will be let loose on it soon to create wonders in fondant icing (last year she sculpted Father Christmas emerging from a chimney!)

        Hope you’re managing to carve out your own moments of Yuletide magic, amidst all that racing time…

      • She’s being quite puppy-like, healing beautifully with new soft fur and manic as ever. And too right about winter-magic time and sharing (though dogs may feel there isn’t enough food sharing…)

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