Autumn fires


Hardy's Return of the Native, Agnes Miller Parker

One of Agnes Miller Parker’s wood engravings for a 1930s edition of The Return of the Native. And then, from the same decade, a short film by Herman G. Weinberg called Autumn Fire.

There’s a man in the city, a woman in the country – both gazing mournfully at their landscape: autumn leaves, splashes of gleaming rainwater, city skylines, billowing clouds, and even a squirrel. If time is short, skip to eight minutes in for the general atmosphere. Whoever posted this on YouTube has used Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun for the soundtrack, which is perfect.



4 thoughts on “Autumn fires

  1. Love the wood-print, and how intriguing the flim was… how techniques have changed and speeded up since then… you were so right about the music, and loved the period clothes too. It was worth watching for the one instant of seeing stooks in the field, for me!

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