Waiting in the wings…



Sometimes you look up and wonder what the dog is thinking.

Perhaps it was the lamp cables, or the glow from the fire, but I saw a wistful, unassuming little character, waiting in the wings of the theatre… perhaps the props man, a star without a stage waiting his turn…

‘That Weimaraner’s always goin’ to steal my light…’


4 thoughts on “Waiting in the wings…

  1. I’m melting, what a little treasure… I’ve had six cavaliers amongst my 17 rescued dogs over the years… they are the most wonderful intelligent and adorable of all dogs to me… I envy you yours, now that I’m looking after frail husband instead of dogs…
    Sweetness and goodness is written all over that little face…

    • I’ve passed on the compliment but he’s more concerned, or rather obsessed, with the chance that there might some dregs of tea in the mug on the table. Certainly special, and a lot more feisty than people seem to think!

  2. Aw! Bless him – he’s so adorable. And, he now has his moment in the limelight – even though appearing on blogs probably seems very underwhelming to the canine mind. Fascinating to think which way those cogs are turning – what mind-pictures are romping through his thoughts. I used to love to see our dogs dreaming – haring around the woods in their sleep. Like Valerie, I so miss having a dog – but, I don’t think I told you that I’m officially an honorary auntie to a cocker spaniel now! Some close friends have a gorgeous puppy. I get all the pooch perks, without the puppy-fuelled exhaustion! 🙂

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