A straight run in the other direction


finisterre png

Anybody who also thinks the above quote is quite inspired might enjoy this collection of films about changing London.

Because Britain also produced Michael Gove and the Daily Mail, I am in no mood to celebrate. Instead, today we are going to Paris. There are scooters, trees in bloom and, for a moment, you might escape.





Paris  no2

Paris 1



6 thoughts on “A straight run in the other direction

  1. Escaping from Mr Gradgrind-World always a good plan. Thanks for the get-away to beautiful Paris (no doubt we’ll all be accused of hating Britain next! Robin Hood would not have been amused!) Your photos are stunning. I especially love the montage of beautiful balconies and blossom.

  2. Glorious architecture, both ancient and modern… it’s one of the things I miss most in a new country… architecture is so satisfying to the eye… particularly in these pics with not a billboard anywhere!

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