Last of the summer whine


The Blue Door, Newlyn by Harold Harvey, 1934

A painting by Harold Harvey from 1934 – The Blue Door, Newlyn. Still waiting for the Indian summer, perhaps the gentle whine of the concertina will draw warm winds…


7 thoughts on “Last of the summer whine

      • That’s fascinating – and a coincidence as I’ve only last week packed up my print of it ready to move house… good to be able to look up and know Arthur’s playing the accordion in my kitchen! Thanks for comment.

      • William Priest

        This painting was very dear to me also.
        For many years I had the privilege of having it hang in our family home.
        It was handed down to me from my father. The painting was bought before the war in Sheffield.
        Very reluctantly I sold it after a house burglary, having being newly married and not being able to insure it properly at the time.
        I am pleased that it is now at Bangor University where many people will be able to enjoy
        Harold Harvey’s splendid work.

  1. Just back from Cornwall and a walk from Penzance to Newlyn – in fact we walked right out on the harbour wall to just opposite that lighthouse!The sea is just as blue, although the boats are now less attractive.

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