Synchronised dreamscapes

Tim Walker - Devon cream

Postcards from an exhibition of Tim Walker‘s photographs, which was held over the summer at the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle. All the images were displayed in light boxes, so the darkened room created a night-time setting to make the experience entirely dream-like. I like the above image particularly, because it must have been projecting quietly in my mind when I was transferring my parents’ slides from the 1950s here. It’s also called Devon Cream, which I didn’t know until I drew it out for this post. Synchronicity indeed…

Tim Walker - It rained outside

The above image is called It rained outside so we camped indoors.

Tim Walker - Snow in Summer

Snow in Summer (above).

Tim Walker - Flying saucer with members of hunt

And another hunting image – Flying Saucer with members of the West Percy Hunt. All these photographs are constructed, using props, and are not the product of digital manipulation… to quote the essay, “To reveal the ambition of photography as an integrated, collective undertaking where the pressing of the shutter on the camera is the closing moment in the creative process”.

I’m not sure how many exhibitions work so successfully, when small elements sit quietly in your mind and then crystallise a particular moment in your own history – my parents, Devon, and the 1950s – a time before I was born. I’ve looked at my parents’ slides many times over the years. They’re blueprints in my memory of a time I never knew, acting like gentle magnets, as I drift along.


  1. Valkrye Brumby · September 16, 2013

    Always interesting how such threads run through our lives and wonderful to be made aware of them in a more tangible way.. This was synchronicity for you indeed. Very interesting post.

    • whistlesinthewind · September 20, 2013

      I really enjoyed this because that was one of the things I initially really tried to explore with the blog… so often we see a film, read a book or go to an exhibition and think we know what got from it fairly soon – it makes you wonder what other things we all pick up from what we take in day to day and miss. Makes me realise what a great space ‘blog time’ is to indulge idle wondering with some vague purpose…

  2. bookishnature · September 20, 2013

    I loved your post where you explored your parents 1950s photos – as yet I haven’t managed to grasp enough time to comment there – but it struck many chords and was a fascinating exploration of time, place, scenes and the tracery of lives, thought, place and experience.

    I really enjoyed the postcards from the exhibition. So interesting. I love it when something conjures this sort of magic-mind-map of synchronicity – all those half buried connections unearthed; surprises that feel meant to be – like being led towards new understandings…

    • whistlesinthewind · September 20, 2013

      I didn’t realise it was Tim Walker who did the photography for Kate Bush’s Director’s Cut. I can see now of course! Enjoyed Seamus H and will be back to it – I seem to have eaten as much time as cake this week…

      • bookishnature · September 20, 2013

        I hadn’t realised the Kate Bush album cover connection either – so interesting…

        No hurry re. the Seamus Heaney post. I seem to have eaten lots of time this week too – though, sadly, cake has been lacking here! I must rectify that – I promised the family I’d make a chocolate one a while back, and it’s still not materialised! There will be mutiny if I don’t put that right! Have a good weekend (hope it’s filled with more happy synchronicity!)

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