Gone away? Calke Abbey, Derbyshire



Calke 1

Calke 7

Calke 4

Calke 2

Calke 14

Calke 3

Calke 17

Calke 20

Calke 16


3 thoughts on “Gone away? Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

  1. Funny you should say that – The Woman in Black is one of my favourite ghost stories and I was thinking of it as I went around… I don’t think the recent film was made here though. There’s a film version made in 1989 which is much truer to Susan Hill’s book and I think it’s on Youtube somewhere. And the stage version is still running in London after 25 years…

  2. Calke Abbey is very creepy, my mother and I were going round and heard children laughing and whistling through pan pipe/reed style whistles when there were no other people in our part of the house (especially children). Later we went through to the downstairs corridor and kitchen and I felt distinctly terrified. Walked through the courtyard (I later discovered there were many monk bodies buried underneath) and then went into the tunnels and I felt so freaked out I powerwalked through. We looked back halfway down the end of the main long tunnel, and saw a black cloaked figure staring at us, when there was nothing to make a shadow there. Very creepy, considering I am generally a skeptic.

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