Attics at Mount Grace Priory, Yorkshire


Mount Grace 1 Mount Grace 2 Mount Grace 3 Mount Grace 4 Mount Grace 5 Mount Grace 6 Mount Grace 7


6 thoughts on “Attics at Mount Grace Priory, Yorkshire

  1. Hello, I just discovered your beautiful , unique blog a day ago and subscribed after just a few mins. perusal. I then spent ages reading and feasting my eyes on many of your past posts~ some really evocative and beautiful photos and images as well as interesting subject matter. Have looked so many times at photographs of Mount Grace ~ all of them showing only the exterior. I was immediately intrigued and drawn to it but have never seen any interior photos~ what a treat to be able to look inside now ! Loved the way you captured the light . Looking forward to more of your lovely and interesting posts.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words – it’s so great to hear that you enjoyed looking around! Mount Grace Priory is a really special place… the atmosphere of the ruined priory is incredible. There’s even a beautifully reconstructed (early 20th century) monk’s cell. Not to mention the Arts and Crafts rooms in the house. Will be posting pictures sometime.

      • Hello, Yes, when I first ‘arrived’ on your blog via an image search , I was immediately drawn in by your chosen images and your own photographs and of course , the subject matter, which so much reflects my own interests and likes. I knew I had to subscribe so as to not miss a thing! You have a wonderful eye in a what and how you photograph. Your latest ones taken at Calke are wonderful. I have seen many photos taken there but you have managed not only to take evocative photos, but also shown views and items not usually seen . I have seen a few photos of the monks cell at Grace Priory ~ I was trying to make a small scale miniature monk’s cell with a chapel attached and used some of the monk’s cell photos as a model /resource . Looking forward to seeing any of your other photos from the priory when ever you choose to post. Thank you for so generously sharing !

    • Would be fascinating to see all the bits and pieces writers and artists hide away… I hope it’s not full of lots of Walmart boxes filled with 21st century plastic spoons, coffee cups and foldaway chairs, but just as it was and undisturbed… A lovely post, the relationship tour guides have with houses is really special I think.

      • Yes, I imagine the attic is full of his writings, newspapers and old books neatly stored inside an old trunk or discarded wooden orange crate. And, if they used cardboard boxes to store things, then they would have come from Woolworth’s department store and include children’s toys from days gone by.

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