Folk Customs – artwork by Linda Garland


Cover art from a 1978 Paladin paperback copy of Christina Hole’s A Dictionary of British Folk Customs, by Linda Garland (needs to be viewed full size I think). It’s a psychedelic Pre-Raphaelite kaleidoscope, spinning strange hyperreal dreams of centuries of Albionish oddness. I’d love to know a proper name for this type of illustration. (How did actress Gillian Anderson get in there though?)

I’ve really enjoyed this beautifully written post from the Bookish Nature blog about August, the strange quiet fermenting of late Summer and how we fit into it. The post feels like the articulation of an unsung festival.

More posts to follow, though I’m not sure what direction. I’m not sure anyone will want a diatribe about Castle Howard as a representation of Britain’s Heritage industry however, so perhaps the blown about book covers and bits and pieces is the way to go…


2 thoughts on “Folk Customs – artwork by Linda Garland

  1. ‘…hyperreal dreams of centuries of Albionish oddness’

    – That’s such a great description! It really is like some intriguing, wayward ‘kaleidoscope’ isn’t it… And, like a kaleidoscope, it makes you keep on looking, fascinated by what you’ll see next… (Gillian Anderson does seem to have got caught up in the mix somehow, doesn’t she!)

    I’m so bowled over by your wonderful words in response to my August-time jottings! Thanks so much. You’ve made my day!

    Great to see you back, embarking on another blogging chapter… Really looking forward to what lies ahead as Whistlesinthewind’s own kaleidoscope of noticing and insight continues to unfold…


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