David Gentleman’s storms and tempests


Some of David Gentleman’s most striking illustration appeared during the 1970s, though as a child I never connected the images to an artist. Now I know his work was everywhere in my world – not only in books, but on stamps, plates and even on the London Underground at Charing Cross. Maybe that’s why I love woodcuts so much now.

At one time his covers for Penguin Shakespeare were everywhere too (and they took ten years to complete, so quite a long time to be the face of Shakespeare). It’s a bit Rip van Winkle to realise that now they’re mostly dog-eared and lost in secondhand shops, and that there are people collecting them to make sure they’re safe forever somewhere.

As a tribute to the beautiful English summer of 2012, here are some of his windiest, wettest images, guaranteed to make the anti-summer a thing of pleasure…



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