The bee’s tea


This little fellow was languishing on my bathroom floor, on his back and feebly twitching a leg now and then. With the aid of some tissue I got him onto a saucer where I’d put some sugar grains and a little water.

It was fantastic to watch him slowly start panting and heaving again, and then drag himself (literally) over to the sugar. You can see his tongue drinking in the liquid, and after ten minutes or so he was perfectly revived, sauntering round the edge of the saucer a couple of times before take off, away and high into the sky.


5 thoughts on “The bee’s tea

  1. Yay! So great to see vital bee rescue in action! Whenever we find an exhausted bee around about the house and garden, we do the same with a blob of honey. It’s amazing how quickly they revive. Last year, we had a bumble bee nest in our back garden and it was fascinating to watch them…

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