Dorset in 1940


This is one of a series of photography books by S W Colyer produced in the late 1930s and during the war, each featuring a different English landscape. They’re described as photogravure plates, so each image has quite a lot of depth and looks quite cinematic – a great insight into a time when it wasn’t felt necessary to daub our villages and lanes with fluorescent orange signage or paint the road yellow and green… though maybe I’ll concede that the tarmac comes in handy these days…


2 thoughts on “Dorset in 1940

  1. The local ale bottles are a nice touch! I’m glad to see you take your research seriously!
    I do hate tarmac, and always enjoy coming across somewhere with an un-made up road – it does still happen occasionally.

    • The bottle of Hardy ale needs a post of its own, as he’s stood unopened since 1979, though it says on the label ‘do not open before 1988’! They don’t make it anymore either. The Bath Ales aren’t subject to restrictions…

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