Spectral evenings at Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon


One of the more unsettling tales surrounding this ruined castle tells of a Lady Margaret, who was imprisoned by her jealous sister Eleanor on account of her beauty. Margaret was imprisoned for two decades before being allowed to die of starvation, and her ghost, known as the White Lady, is said to rise to the ramparts and impart dread and malaise. Late 20th century excavations shed doubt on the existence of a castle during the crusades, but the legend remains…


4 thoughts on “Spectral evenings at Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

  1. Great photo – really atmospheric – and what a smouldering sky, with those bruised clouds… I really like the composition, capturing the patterns and sweep of the land and trees, clouds and water, all adding to the mystery of the castle. The ghost tale made me think of the Snow White fairytale (jealousy of beauty etc…)

    • Thanks – I was actually pleased with this because the sweep of the skyline looks like a special lens has been used but it’s all due to the way the land lies, nothing to do with my input. You just turn the corner and there it is. It got me thinking of the ruin of Thornfield in Jane Eyre (hence the earlier post) – that sudden impact.

  2. forestfae

    Here I am at last, (it was a bit of a hectic week hence my late reply).
    I can but echo what bookishnature said in the above comment, it is a very striking photo and I had a long good look at it opened in the enlarged version.

    Knowing about the castles reputation, I rather focused on the surrounds and what I did pick up on was the pond(?) having some very negative energy for lack of a bettr or more descriptive word, to it.There have been quite a number of drownings over the years I am sure. A bleak but captivating place.

    • Welcome back! It reminds me very much of the 1961 film ‘The Innocents’ with Deborah Kerr – those long shots of the lake were so still and unsettling. It didn’t feel like that on the day but the photos certainly did when I looked at them. It’s interesting you focus on the pond – I’m not one for picking up on these things but I did keep noticing the reflections making what looks a like a face on the left of the pond next to the greening bush, and it’s the association with the film that makes me think it’s an Edwardian face – it looks quite posed, like a portrait from the period. Or too many Bath ales.

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