Printing blocks for a paper sky


The coast at Hartland, North Devon…


6 thoughts on “Printing blocks for a paper sky

  1. Thanks for the links – it is near Welcombe so I guess the rock formations are similar. I have some friends near ther but haven’t been for a while. We walked all along the coastal path to Hartland once – beautiful.

  2. I love your analogy! Looking at your lovely photos, I had one of those “Oh, yes – that’s exactly what they look like…” moments! I’ve been longing to wander seaward again lately… so thanks for these photos – a beautiful feast for the eyes!

  3. A beautiful wild looking bit of coastline. I like how you’ve picked out the textural aspects of the shore platform. The last one almost looks like someone had taken a rake & made the curves. I think that part of what I find appealing with these types of landscape is the combination of structural stength with a certain delicacy. Also they take my imagination off for a walk!

    • You could point a camera anywhere along this coast blindfold and it would be fine! When you get the first view down onto the shore it looks completely un-natural – you think it’s the ribs of some old viking ship or something and then you see them stretching right along the coast. One of those moments when you think of the world ‘Someone’s got to have designed all this!’

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